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Name:50 Tales of Dark Fiction
Website:Nina's LiveJournal
Posting Access:All Members
001. Ravished.002. Dark Path.003. Rule/Ruler.004. Blood.005. Lost Haven.
006. Claws.007. Awakening.008. Animal.009. Branded.010. Torture.
011. Weapon.012. Bound.013. Nails.014. Coffin/ Buried.015. Angry.
016. Evil.017. Fear.018. Conquer.019. Slave.020. Master.
021. Brutal .022. Leash.023.Unholy.024. Power.025. Destiny.
026. Ancient.027. Narcissus .028. Innocence.029. Guilt.030. Chains.
031. Flame.032. Past.033. Present.034. Broken.035. Oath.
036. Never.037. Forever.038. Outcast.039. Eternal.040. Dance.
041. Fixation.042. Dirty.043. Candle.044.Hunger.045. Lust.
046. Wicked.047. Stake.048. Leather.049. Razor.050. Eruption .
051. Yes.052. Forced.053. Light.054. Gleam.055. No.
056. Madness.057. Please.058. Mask.059. Destruction.060. Poisonous.
061. Feral.062. Shadow.063. Masterpiece.064. Ghost.065. Match.
066. Midnight.067. Mighty.068. Coven.069. Forsaken.070. Unbound.
071. Pain.072. Sorrow.073. Cry/Tears.074. Darkness.075. Non-con.
076. Anonymous.077. Unforgiving.078. Different. 079. Rain.080. Restraints.
081. Clamps.082.Metal.083. Love.084. Hate.085. Indifference.
086. Bite.087. Phoenix.088. Rope.089. Ball.090. Tight.
091. Hot.092. Wax.093. Voice.094. Lick.095. Need.
096. Writer's Choice.097. Writer's Choice.098. Writer's Choice.099. Writer's Choice.100. Writer's Choice.

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